Logo Design

The Canadian Crystal Company

The Canadian Crystal Company evolved from humble beginnings by a college student to finance his education.

The evolution of the logo is meant to represent the many facets of the crystal used in production and design as well as the many facets the company represents in crystal giftware.

Rapidgo Inc

The Rapidgo name and Logo launched with the company in 2003.

The name and logo represent trusted speed in delivery.

James Wm Frank - Brand

The James Wm Frank brand launched with the completion of the best-selling book The Success Manifesto 

The logo depicts the road we follow, the excitement of what might lie around the next curve, and that we are all part of where we are going.

Mary Boleyn Hospice Foundation Inc.

The Mary Boleyn Hospice Foundation Inc. required Cystic Fibrosis awareness and fundraising mugs. The Thumbs Up TaDa logo was designed to commemorate the celebratory focus Mary encouraged in all those around her to be grateful for every moment.

Commemorate My Life

Commemorate My Life was launched for commemorating lives in advance.

The logo with an Inukshuk and reaching to pay back themes are depicted in this artistic rendition logo.

Rapidgo Driver

Rapidgo Driver

This logo was designed to express the movement of a steering wheel. An unexpected character emerged from the design. 

Delivery Driver Directory

The Delivery Driver Directory logo was a simple extension to the Rapdigo Driver logo with a wheel. Adding the wings gave it a feeling of global use.


The PicUp4You logo contains the same color scheme as Rapidgo Driver and Delivery Driver Directory, yet keeps it simple for the home user to have one source for all their pick-up and delivery needs.

Cowgirl Undercover

The Cowgirl Undercover logo was modified from a suggestion by ChatGPT along with the tagline. 

Advertising & Product Design

Lambda Crystal - The Canadian Crystal Company

What started as a means to pay for a degree in medicine grew into an international manufacturing company with offices across Canada.

Product design was an ongoing global search for ideas to attract gift store, and jewelry store buyers.

Trade Show Booth & Showroom Design

Wholesale showrooms provide retail buyers an opportunity to explore a company’s entire product line at their leisure and in their time frame. 

Having showrooms across the country offers greater sales opportunities with local familiar representatives.

Trade shows allow large groups of buyers to explore many suppliers’ products in one location. Setting up dozens of trade shows each year for decades yielded millions in sales and hundreds of long-term friendships.