Almost Standup Comedy

Laughter is a communication of souls. We are more open to learning when happy. Our lives last longer with a positive attitude. No Expiration Date is my refusal to age gracefully. 


Best-Selling Author

Success Manifesto resulted from years of personal development research and incorporating daily habit changes to achieve long-term goals. 

Beyond the typical Success lies Succession – leaving the world a better place because of your presence. 

Brian has been an influencer to me for decades. He condenses large chunks of knowledge into succinct, memorable affirmations that stick.


Trade Show Publishing

Trade Show publications are a great method to promote a brand for no cost. Choose a relevant industry topic, do your research, add your personality and brand, and send it to the publisher. Typically, trade show magazine publishers are quite open to more copy that is of interest to the attendees. 

Get extra copies to hand out. Free publicity is always beneficial.


Business & Leadership Development

Leadership is keeping your head when all those around you are losing theirs.

Teaching business success techniques to inspire business owners is rewarding and makes a difference.